Is Molly Coming Back?

There may just actually be a pretty good chance that American Girl might be rereleasing Molly this Summer, based on this very interesting post that I spotted on American Girl’s Instagram:

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The Double Addition ~Part One~

“So, who exactly is this person again?” asked Ethan.

It was Saturday morning, and according to Ethan, Saturday means watching Star Wars until 3:00 in the afternoon.

Unfortunately for him, Tenny had gotten to the TV first today. So now he was stuck waiting for her to be done watching a program about some famous singer.

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AG’s 12 Days of HoliDeals! ~Day Two~

It’s “Day Two” of AG’s 12 Days of HoliDeals!

With today’s deal you can get Truly Me #90 and Truly Me #91 for just $98 each! I personally am a little surprised that only #90 and #91 are on sale, instead of all of the Truly Me dolls. Maybe it’s because of #90 and #91 being the two newest editions to the Truly Me line?

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The Sort of Weird Thing With the World By Us Dolls’ (and Nanea’s) Eyes

Ok, so I was looking at the new World By Us dolls in the AG catalog the other day, when I noticed that there was something a little strange looking with their eyes. Curious, I jumped on the AG website and did a zoom in on their eyes. And as it turns out, there was something a little strange with their eyes. They had eye lashes painted under their eyes!

Now if you’re thinking, “Eye lashes painted under their eyes? So what?”, Then you probably haven’t noticed, that most American Girl dolls typically don’t have eye lashes painted under their eyes. However, for some reason, the World By Us dolls do.

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I Got Some New Dolls!

So, as you read in the title, I bought some new dolls recently! Or, I guess I bought them more like…….4 months ago.

So, yes. I have had several new dolls just sitting around in my bedroom for the past 4 months, and I somehow completely forgot to tell you guys about them! Well, now that I’ve finally remembered, here they are:

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Winter Princess Limited Edition Dolls Sold Out!

Yep! That’s right people! The Winter Princess Limited Edition Dolls are officially sold out! The brunette doll sold out just a few days ago on the 25’th, and the blond one sold out last week on the 21’st. The Sugar Plum Fairy Limited Edition Doll sold out last year on October 25’th, so the blond Winter Princess doll has so far been the quickest Limited Edition doll to sell out.

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