Linda’s Bloggy Day! ~How To Make Healthy Colored Marshmallows!~

Hey everyone! Linda speaking!

Do you like marshmallows? Well I sure do! What about Colored ones? Those ones are my favorite!

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Linda’s Bloggy Day ~Linda’s Tips to Getting an American Girl Doll!

Hey everyone! Linda speaking! And today I am here with my doll Marie Grace, because I am going to be talking about something very important!

How to get an American girl doll! So today, we will be going through my top five tips to getting an American Girl doll!

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Linda’s Bloggy Day

(Hey guys! I just wanted to let you all know that Linda will be posting on here every Friday from now on. So everything that I say will be blue. Thanks! – Jaffa)

Hi everyone! Linda speaking, and welcome to my bloggy day! Mom will be letting me post on here every Friday since I have been begging her for weeks to let me!

Linda! You didn’t ask me until Wednesday!

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