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American Girl’s Having a Fashion Show….And Releasing New Dolls!

So, as everyone read in the title of this post, AG is going to be holding a fashion show, AND releasing some new dolls! As you can read in the picture above, from AG’s website, the fashion show will be held at their New York store on September 23. It looks as though AG has partnered with a clothing brand called Harlem’s Fashion Row, for this event. I’ve never heard of this brand before, but I’m curious to see what the clothes will look like! There will be people actually going to the store to watch this event, but for those of us who do not live very close to New York, (such as meπŸ™‚) we will be allowed to watch it live on Facebook!

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35’th Anniversary Addy Sold Out!

Yep! You guys read the title right! AG’s 35’th Anniversary Addy doll has sold out for good! I know that this is something that you guys can find out about by just going on the AG website, but I still wanted to right this post just to make sure that you guys know! (I enjoy keeping people informed!πŸ˜‹)

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35’th Anniversary Edition Dolls Selling Out!

So, as I mentioned in this post, American Girl rereleased their six original historical dolls in celebration of their 35’th anniversary this year! And as I also mentioned in the same post, I wasn’t really sure when these dolls would be going beck into retirement.

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A Very Eventful Valentine ~Part Four~ (Finale)

“Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!” Tina said happily.

“Happy Valentine’s Day Tina! Oooo, is that a new outfit?” asked Lea

“Yep! Your mom bought it for me yesterday! She said I could pick out a welcome home gift!” she answered.

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