The Double Addition ~Part One~

“So, who exactly is this person again?” asked Ethan.

It was Saturday morning, and according to Ethan, Saturday means watching Star Wars until 3:00 in the afternoon.

Unfortunately for him, Tenny had gotten to the TV first today. So now he was stuck waiting for her to be done watching a program about some famous singer.

“Her name is Stella Parker,” said Tenny. “She actually was the most famous female singer in the world until she went missing twenty years ago.”

“Missing? How so?” asked Ethan.

“No one knows. She seemed to just vanish one night after a concert.”

“Wow, that’s crazy!”

Tenny nodded. “Yeah, it is. And to this day, no one has been able to find any trace of her. Most people think that she were either kidnapped, or killed. A few however claimed she was taken by aliens!”

Ethan burst out laughing. “Seriously? taken by aliens? That is so ridiculous!”

“More ridiculous then believing that Star Wars is real?” Tenny asked, grinning.

Ethan rolled his eyes, and stood up.

“I’m going to go get a snack. Do you want anything?” he asked.

“A popsicle if we have any,” said Tenny.

Ethan nodded and headed to the kitchen. He opened the fridge and looked around for some yogurt.

No yogurt.

He sighed and yanked open the freezer.

“Hey, Ethan. what are you doing?” Lea asked, as she entered the room. She was holding a piece of paper in her hand.

“Just wishing that we had more yogurt. Why is it that every time I come in here, all of the yogurt is gone?”

“Well, I don’t think you’re going to want to worry about that anymore, once you read this,” Lea said, frowning.

She held up the piece of paper she had in her hand.

Ethan stared at it confused. “What’s that?”

“Read it.”

Ethan took a closer look. His eyes widened. “No, way.”


We’re what?!” said Linda and Courtney.

“You’re kidding, right?” asked Tina. “This house feels small as it is!”

“Lea, can I see that paper please?” asked Tenny.

“Sure, here.”

Tenny scanned the sheet of paper carefully.

“Well, Tenny? Is it authentic?” asked Tina

“Well, of course it’s authentic! It has Mom’s signature on it!” yelled Ethan.

“Ethan, calm down please,” said Tenny. She was still busy looking at the paper.

“Are you done looking at that thing yet, Tenny?” asked Tina.

Tenny nodded. “Yes, I’m done. And what I’m holding in my hand is a document saying that Mom officially agreed to foster two girls. One is a girl named Reylen Parker, and the other is…..Um, someone named G.T. I guess that’s the other girl’s initials.”

“Wait. Reylen’s last name’s Parker? Isn’t that the same last name of that singer who you were watching some program about?” asked Ethan.

“Yeah, it is,” said Tenny.

“Do you think they’re related or something?” asked Linda.

“Maybe. I guess we can always ask Reylen when she gets here,” said Tenny.

“So, it’s true? Mom’s going to take in two other kids?” asked Tina.

“Well, what I want to know is why Lea is Always that first to find out that someone new is coming!” said Linda.

“I don’t always know first-“

“Yes you do! You found out about Courtney first!” said Linda

“And you found out about Tina first,” said Ethan.

“And now you found out about this Reylen girl and “G.T” girl before anyone else did!” said Linda.

“Well, I personally don’t care whether or not Lea was the first one to find out. What I want to know is who are these girls, and why are they coming to live with us!” said Tina. “And I also want to know why Mom never told us about her deciding to foster these girls!”

“She probably was going to tell us, but just forgot to before she went out of town,” said Courtney.

“Well, it’s too bad that we don’t know a ton about these girls,” said Ethan, frowning.

“Well, we can always just ask Mom if she knows more about them when she gets back,” said Tenny.

“So when are these new girls going to get here?” asked Courtney.

“Well, this document says that Reylen will be getting here…….Tomorrow!” exclaimed Lea.

“Well, then I guess we’d better start getting ready!” said Tenny.

To Be Continued

Hey everyone!

Hope you all enjoyed Part One of my new mini series, “The Double Addition”! I actually started working on this little series about a year ago, but I didn’t really like the original plot very much, so I kind of just forgot about the whole thing at some point. But then when I got my other new doll “G.T”……..Well, let’s just say my new doll kind of gave me a really great idea for a new plot that I really loved, so I rewrote the entire story and now I’m finally ready to share it with all of you! Hope you all enjoyed the first part! Part Two will be coming out soon!



Author: Jaffa

Hello! My name is Jaffa, and I am an American Girl Doll collector, writer, golfer, and film maker. I run a blog call The World of My Dolls, and I have a YouTube channel about doll collecting called The Peachy Puppy.

3 thoughts on “The Double Addition ~Part One~”

  1. Ooh, two new dolls! This looks very exciting! I can’t wait for the next part.
    Also, your pictures are so nice, like how does anyone take pictures that clear (okay, I’m sort of known for blurry photos, but still, how do you do it?)?
    ~ FlamyFox13

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