Winter Princess Limited Edition Dolls Sold Out!

Yep! That’s right people! The Winter Princess Limited Edition Dolls are officially sold out! The brunette doll sold out just a few days ago on the 25’th, and the blond one sold out last week on the 21’st. The Sugar Plum Fairy Limited Edition Doll sold out last year on October 25’th, so the blond Winter Princess doll has so far been the quickest Limited Edition doll to sell out.

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AG’s Holiday Release! ~My Thoughts~

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Yes, of course I know it’s only October, and most people are not saying “Merry Christmas” yet, but AG has already released it’s Christmas collection for this year, so I can’t help but say “Merry Christmas”! Anyways, this post is about my thoughts on AG’s Holiday release! So, let’s first start with this year’s Holiday outfits!

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