The Homework Mishap (Part 2)

Ethan had finished his dinner and had just settled down to eat his cupcake and start on his school work, when Lea walked in.

“Hey Ethan, want to watch the new Star Wars movie with me?”, Lea asked.

Ethan thought for a second. “Well, I have a lot of homework…..but I have until ten to get it done so, sure! I’ll watch it with you!”

“Great!”, Lea said. “I’ll go get the popcorn started.”

After they watched about thirty minutes of the movie, Sarah walked into the living room.

“Hey, do you guys know where Tenny is?”, Sarah asked. “Laura invited me over for a sleepover, and I wanted to see if I could go.”

“She went to movies with her friends,” said Ethan. “She won’t be back until ten.”

“Maybe you can call her,” Lea suggested.

“Maybe. I’ll try it,” Sarah said.

After about ten minutes, Sarah came back.

“She didn’t answer,”she said sadly.

“She probably has her phone on silent,” said Lea.

Sarah sighed. “Yeah, probably,” she said, then she walked out of the room.

By the time the movie was over, it was about eight o’clock.

“What do you want to do now?,” Lea asked.

Ethan thought for a minute. He knew that he needed to get his homework done, but he still had about two hours left before Tenny got home.

Do your homework!

But I have until ten to get it done

Do it!

But there’s a new game on my xbox that I want to play


“I got a new game for my xbox, want to play it?

“Sure!,” Lea said.

They played the new game for a quite while.

Lea looked at the clock.

“I guess we’d better put this away,” said Lea. “It’s nearly nine thirty.”

“WHAT???!!!!,” screamed Ethan.

To Be Continued

– Jaffa


Author: Jaffa

Hello! My name is Jaffa, and I am an American Girl Doll collector, writer, golfer, and film maker. I run a blog call The World of My Dolls, and I have a YouTube channel about doll collecting called The Peachy Puppy.

4 thoughts on “The Homework Mishap (Part 2)”

    1. Ya I agree with Cherrie your details were perfect and I love the little cupcakes 🧁! You see I love tiny things they are so cute I have a little American girl doll veterinarian set and it has a tiny shot and so much more. Since I know u I could totally lend it to you for a future blog post. The way you right the blog is so awesome you never want to stop reading 📖! I can’t wait to read your next post!🤗

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