Meet The Dolls!

Here are all of the doll’s names and profiles!

*Note: The year of the dolls’ birthdays doesn’t show how old they are. The year is just the year that I got the doll in.

Linda Elizabeth Yeager

Birth Date: December 25, 2012

Linda was my very first AG doll. I got her in 2012 for my 6th birthday. She is really into fashion but will sometimes go a bit overboard with her outfits! She can also be known to take on WAY too many projects or activities at one time! Linda is very funny and is known to make people laugh, but she can also be a bit annoying after a while!πŸ˜‰

Linda’s favorites:

Type of Doll: My American Girl #59

Age: 13

Favorite Movie: Zoo Keeper

Favorite TV Show(s): When Calls The Heart, and Heartland

Best Friend: Lea

Sibling(s): Sarah, and Courtney

Favorite Song: Gold

Favorite Food: Blue Cotten Candy Ice Cream, and Sushi

Favorite Holiday: Christmas (it is her birthday after all!)

Favorite Hobby(s): (Pretty much EVERYTHING!)

Favorite Coler(s): Purple

Favorite Animal(s): Zebras, Horses, Puppies, Kittens, and any cute baby animal!πŸ₯°πŸ˜πŸ₯°

Lea Amanda Clark

Birth Date: January 4, 2016

I bought Lea with my own money in 2016, and have exactly ZERO regrets! She is a gorgeous doll and definitely my favorite! She is very sweet but won’t let a certain very competitive brother of her’s (I’m talking about Ethan) try to take her down in a friendly competition! She loves animals, and writing on her blog. Not to mention she’s also a Star Wars fan!

Lea’s Favorites:

Type of Doll: Girl of The Year 2016 Lea Clark

Age: 14

Favorite Movie: Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker

Favorite TV Show(s): When Calls The Heart, and Heartland

Best Friend: Linda

Sibling(s): Ethan

Favorite Song: Ready or Not

Favorite Food: Pizza

Favorite Hobby(s): Blogging, Reading, Pet Sitting, and Photography

Favorite Color(s): Purple, Orange, and Yellow

Favorite Animal(s): Turtles, Tigers, Lions, Sloths, Monkeys, Dogs, Cats, Parrots, Margays, Horses, Elephants, Giraffes….. (Ok, she really can’t decide! Lol!)

Tenny Evangeline Grant

Birth Date: May 20, 2018

I remember showing my mom Tenny in the AG doll catalog and her asking me if I wanted her. I said yes of course, but didn’t think anything else about. But then I came home one day from a golf tournament to find a rectangular shaped box on the kitchen table. And when I heard that it was something that I had been wanting, I immediately knew what it was! Tenny is very pretty doll, and her curls are gorgeous! She is a singer-song writer, and loves playing her guitar. Tenny’s real name is Tennyson, but she prefers to go by Tenny.

Tenny’s Favorites:

Type of Doll: Contemporary Character Tenny Grant

Age: 16

Favorite Movie: Overcomer

Favorite TV Series(s): Heartland

Favorite Song: I Can Only Imagine

Favorite Food: Tacos

Favorite Hobby(s): Singing, Song Writing, Playing her Guitar, Horseback Riding, Cooking, and Sewing

Favorite Color(s): Pink, Orange, and Light Blue

Favorite Animal(s): Horses, Cats (both wild and tame), and Dogs

Ethan James Clark

Birth Date: July 2, 2020

I had been wanting to get a boy doll, and originally was going to make a custom one, but couldn’t find a good doll to use. So my mom suggested that I just pick out one of the Truly Me ones to get. I didn’t really want Ethan that much at first, because I had originally wanted a brunette boy, but after looking at more photos of him, I felt that he would be the perfect new addition to my doll family! Ethan can be very competitive, and will sometimes turn even the simplest game into a war! Especially when he’s up against Lea! And don’t try to tell him that Star Wars isn’t real. It won’t do any good!

Ethan’s favorites:

Type of Doll: Truly Me #73 (Boy Doll)

Age: 14

Favorite Movie: Star Wars: Empire Strikes Back

Siblings(s): Lea

Favorite Food: (also) Pizza (Ethan, are you copying Lea again?πŸ˜‰)

Favorite Hobby(s): Skateboarding, Basketball, Baseball, Soccer, and Building Model Star Wars Ships

Favorite Color(s): Blue, and Green

Favorite Animal(s): Tigers.

Star Wars Animal: Wookies (Sorry, he wouldn’t believe me when I told him that Wookies don’t existπŸ™‚)

Courtney Moore

Birth Date: October 22, 2020

When American Girl first came out with Courtney, I immediately wanted her! It took me a whole month to save up for her, but it was totally worth it! Courtney is super funny and love to just goof off in her bedroom while listening to music! She is definitely the master of pranks, and somehow almost always makes Ethan her main target! (Maybe it’s because Ethan’s main target is almost always Courtney!πŸ˜‰) Courtney is Linda’s adoptive sister and loves putting on pretend fashion shows with her! Courtney also enjoys climbing trees and playing outside!

Courtney’s Favorites:

Type of Doll: 1986 Historical Character Courtney Moore

Age: 11

Favorite Movie: Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Sibling(s): Linda, and Sarah

Best Friend: Linda

Favorite Song: Change The Game

Favorite Food: Pizza, and Popcorn

Favorite Hobby(s): Making Funny Videos, Designing Crazy Outfits, Giving Herself (and her friends) Crazy Makeovers, Starting Movie Marathons, Doing DIY’s, and Watching YouTube Videos

Favorite Color(s): Blue, Neon Pink, and Neon Purple

Favorite Animal(s): Hamsters, and Dogs

Tina Katheryn Moore

Birth Day: February 3, 2021

Tina is a sassy, dramatic fashionista, always making a huge deal of her outfits and hair. She is an expert party planner, and especially loves Valentine’s Day! Tina is Courtney’s older stepsister, and Linda’s adoptive sister. Tina can be pretty sweet, but also can have a bit of an attitude when things don’t go her way.

Tina’s Favorites:

Type of Doll: Truly Me #83

Age: 15

Favorite Movie: Beauty And The Beast

Favorite TV Series(s): When Calls The Heart, and Heartland

Sibling(s): Courtney, and Linda

Favorite Song(s): Girl On Fire, and No Filter

Favorite Holiday: Valentine’s Day

Favorite Food(s): Caramel Popcorn, and Sushi

Favorite Hobby(s): Designing New Outfits, Party Planning, Doing Her (and other people’s) Hair, Horseback Riding, Listening To Music With Headphones, and Reading Fashion Magazines.

Favorite Color(s): Pink, Light Pink, Dark Pink, and lots more shades of Pink!

Favorite Animal(s): Horses, Kittens, Lions, Seahorses, cute little Fish, and Bunnies!

And now we have my sister’s dolls who are sometimes guest stars on this blog:

Sarah Grace Yeager

Birth Date: September 28, 2018

Sarah is my younger sister’s doll, who got her for her sixth birthday. Sarah is Linda’s younger sister but at times surprisingly acts a lot more mature out of the two of them!

Parts that Sarah has played in photostories: Herself in The Homework Mishap (Part 2)

Sarah’s Favorites:

Type of Doll: Truly Me #78

Favorite Movie: Mulan

Sibling(s): Linda, and Courtney

Favorite Song: Into The Unknown

Favorite Food: Shell Shaped Mac and Cheese

Favorite Hobby(s): Soccer, and Reading

Favorite Color(s): Pink, Purple, and Blue

Favorite Animal(s): Zebras, and Giraffes

Joss Kendrick

Joss’s Favorites:

Type of Doll: Girl of The Year 2020 Joss Kendrick

Favorite Movie: Beauty and The Beast

Sibling(s): Emerson (wellie wisher)

Favorite Song: Some Things Never Change

Favorite Food: Watermelon

Favorite Hobby(s): Surfing

Favorite Color(s): Pink

Favorite Animal(s): Dogs (particular her bulldog Murf)

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